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post to my facebook friends

To my Facebook Friends,
I may offend a few….but that has never been a priority of mine(not to offend people) as I have often told friends, “I am an equal opportunity offender”…I am what I am… First of all I believe in God, I believe in family and friends (the people that mean the most),and yes, I believe in my dog. My dog is my family, my friend. By the way, dog spelled backwards is God…(unconditional love)…I believe in our Country and our Constitution. I believe in protecting the rights that the Constitution of the United States has guaranteed me… I believe in being kind to my fellow man and try to help those in need and those that want to help themselves, esp. children. I am a good person until you attempt to hurt my family, my dog, my friends and innocent people and again children or the elderly. Then there is no guarantee of my goodness.
I am person that loves God, my country, my family and friends…. I am not here to judge people… I don’t care if your white or black, I don’t care if you are gay or straight, I don’t care if you are democrat or republican… I don’t care what religion you are… I care if you are a decent person that tries to do right by his God and his fellow man. After all, we do not have to answer to anybody but God in the end..
I post many things here on facebook… mostly fun, silly things… but in the past month I have posted many things about guns, gun control, government etc.…. I’m sure many are saying, “Here goes Randy again with another pro gun rant or such”’, Which is fine… but most things I post, I check for sources to try to make sure my postings are true and that people have a chance to see the other side besides the mainstream media… The fact is, our rights as human beings and Americans under our Constitution, are being attacked by many that don’t look at the facts and just want to push their agendas, whether or not their agendas go against our constitutional rights or rights as a human beings to defend ourselves, our families, our friends , our fellow man and yes our dogs, against people that want to do us harm or government that wants to take away or infringe on our rights.
I just wanted to clarify why I post the things that I do… if you want to unfriend me for my views… that is fine …. if you want to tell what you think…positive or negative, that’s even better….Hey, I’m a big boy… I may not agree with your opinion, but it doesn’t change the way I feel about you as a person that is in my life, whether it be though facebook or in person.
God bless and be with you all and God bless our Country..
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