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I'd like get another Ruger DA revolver, this time 6"
I went looking for a GP at the last gunshow, but they wanted $150 more than the Security Six. I understand the GP was brand new, but I just couldn't justify the price difference so I brought home the Six. I've been waiting for a used GP to surface, but so far... no cigar .
I really like my Six and don't regret the purchase, but I already have 3 sixes and 0 GPs. One of these days....I'll find my GP .

Gun permit?? A bread crumb tossed to a sleeping society awoken by the sound of complacency. "They are for your own good", and "you will understand when you see all the lives they save". Yes master, what else will you toss me from your bag of infringements?? Do you want me to roll over and play dead? I do that very well. --skidder
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