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My guess is I'm going to get it in the neck for this but, Is it time to start helping people understand that there really is only one act that I can think of that would turn a large number of strong, law abiding, citizens into people that might defy Law Enforcement perhaps even in armed way, and that is significant infringement of our second amendment rights?

This is the only thing I can think of that would crack this country open like a raw egg.

I worry that these people only listen to each other and have no earthly idea that they could spark a second civil war.

No I am not suggesting or endorsing this, not in any way shape or form.

But I'm not even sure what I'd do if they came to confiscate my guns, and I believe as strongly as it is possible to believe in the rule of law.
I'm on the mild end of the gun owner club so to speak.

Even if everyone on this forum meekly surrenders their firearms, (and we all know the odds of that) the number of people who resisted in an armed way would have to be in the tens of millions. Civil war,no, Revolutionary war would inevitably follow.

I've played this through in my mind every way I can think of and this is where them accomplishing their goals leads.

Keep in mind something else here, and you can blow me off if you like but I'm the guy you hire and pay thousands of dollars a month to find out where your organisation is right now, and if it continues on a certain path where it will end up.
When I was in Nursing I was always on the COR-0/incident teams because for whatever reason I always just knew what things were going to happen next while things were going wrong.
The Third man down in a multi-billion dollar bank made a major change in the new computer system they were designing that over time will cost at a minimum hundreds of thousands on my assuring him that it would cost him more not to implement the change. I don't say this to brag, heck it didn't end up making me a dime more in my paycheck. But so that you will perhaps take me seriously

Am I at this point predicting this as the outcome? No.
But these are,I assure you, the stakes of the game.
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