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the price of a 1903

Ya 001 I did notice that too: that sportized 7.000 and up rig some special Gunsmith built it and somebody owned it. West point or something. I fell asleep while I was reading it. I've always had a soft spot for 1903 Springfields, Goes way back for me. I've seen many at gun shows, and it seems lately the prices, are a bit on the elevated side. I know one thing I would not part with mine, and I really don't think I could replace it, with what I would get for it. It was rough when I bought it, and over the years I've seen quite a few 1903's I've never read a book on them, I just notice and look and say (never seen that before) . when I could afford it, I improved it. Unfortunately I could not do a thing about that serial number. It's kinda like riding a Motorcycle, If ya ride alot some body is going to hit ya. I was at the range, Years ago We were all shooting 1903's and as usual mine was the lowest serial number, There was 2 positions vacant to my left I was on the end, I thought it was my body odor!. I think Forest said it all (Stupid is as Stupid does.) Becareful and shoot clean Sunny
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