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The more calibers you reload the more you will appreciate a simple press. There is no press simpler, with fewer moving parts than my RCBS Pro 2000. I load 4 pistol calibers, and 4 rifle calibers....and counting. No factory case feeder. Bullet feeders work great if you want that.

Here's the thing: Dillons are super duper for what they are made make IPSC and IDPA shooters very happy.....set up the competition caliber and load like hell. But you can change calibers on a Pro 2000, including primer size, in the time it takes a Dillon 650 owner to change primer size. Changing primer size on my press takes 8 seconds without practice. I often load two calibers in one evening session, and sometimes three.

Hornady uses the same powder measure as does have a larger have to pay extra for that on RCBS. Hornady licenses the Uniflow design, and they came up with a killer case-activated linkage for it, so that it could be used with the AP. RCBS licenses Hornady's linkage (since their own first one stunk) for the Uniflow used in the Pro 2000. Both have powder dies and powder through expanders available to make changing powder extremely fast. IOW's you buy extra powder dies for each caliber....instead of extra powder measures for each caliber, Dillon style.

The tool (die) heads for the pistol calibers I have set up are populated with dies, in ready-adjustment for that caliber....which includes powder dies, and bullet feeder dies. Slide on, drop in two pins, drop the powder measure on...all set to load.

If you like CCI primers, then buying preloaded APS strips of them is the fastest and safest way to prime period. Changing primers is simply grabbing a different box. (and maybe an 8 second primer rod change if needed) No tubes to load...ready to go already. No tubes to explode either. If you prefer other brands of primers, the loading primers into strips is about the same as pecking primers into tubes. This is RCBS's APS system.

Hornady's primer system is less touble free. There are plenty of threads on the three forums I see, on tuning their primer system.

Dillon's primer systems work smoother than Hornady's but all systems are capable of loading a primer in sideways and possibly kabooming up to 100 primers at once. That's why they have protective that you only have hearing loss and a hole in the ceiling. (and of course free parts to order from Dillon to replace the mangled ones) APS kabooms are rarer than hen's teeth, and even then, can only light ONE....primer.

If you have to have the speed of case feeders, bullet feeders, and even possibly a motorized crank, then Dillon is your machine. But don't expect to change calibers daily....that's going to get old.

If you want 3-5 separate twist-lock dies to handle every time you change calibers, rather than instant inserting of pre-populated tool heads, then maybe Hornady makes the press you want. Just be careful you don't grab a wrong die.....there's going to be a lot to choose from with all the calibers you are talking about.

For me, I like the simplicity of a press that is set up once, and never gets out of sync.....and no rods and things to distract the watching of what's important.....powder charge. Keep in mind that case feeders slow down caliber changes. Interesting...Hornady's bullet feeder does not. That's why I bought and use one on my RCBS Pro 2000.

One more thing....there is NO such thing as a perfect press. Just a perfect fitting press, tweaked for you.

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