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The following sent earlier today to my U.S. Senators and Congressman. It is not copyrighted, and is offered for your interest/use, as readers here might see fit.

Re the latest proposal from Senator Feinstein, and a companion proposal from Congresswoman McCarthy, we see a rehash of the Clinton era assault weapons ban, so called. More lipstick on the same old pig. Emotional appeals, and media hype change nothing in the endless game of bait and switch that is gun control.. The thing was a pig to begin with, nothing has changed with the passage of time. The ultimate, often stated goals of The Anti Gun Lobby remain what they always were, the total proscription of privately owned firearms, end of story.

There is just one course of action open to you, concerning recognition of the facts, recognition of the evidence of history, to say nothing of the oath of office that you took. You must oppose, without quarter, the fairytale that is gun control, however and whenever it rears it's ugly head.
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