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This is the video that taught me to disassemble a J frame, he does a really good job of walking you through the steps. I can strip a J frame bare and re-assemble now in a matter of a few minutes.

I use a Phillips head screwdriver for my rebound slide spring removal. Works great.
Absolutely +1 to this. First time I put the rebound spring back in I tore up my thumb forcing the spring down. A small phillips screwdriver makes the job much simpler.

I know where to get a gunsmith screwdriver. There are just so many to choose from
You really don't need a gunsmithing screwdriver, although it's always a safe choice. If you use the correct size screwdriver you shouldn't bugger up the screw heads as long as you don't overtighten and slip. When using a screwdriver that's too small it can bugger the screw heads up which can be unsightly on a good looking 36.

By the way while your going to have the rebound slide off, I highly recommend swapping the factory rebound spring out for a 14lb from Wolf. It really helps dramatically with lightening and smoothing out the trigger without sacrificing light primer strikers. It is not recommended to go with a lighter mainspring however as this can lead to light primer strikers.

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