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First Range Trip: Sig P290RS

We finally got out to the range with the wife's new P290RS. We only got 166 rounds through it so I will wait until we get a few more to give a solid feedback report. Only 1 FTF, due to a bad 6 round mag we received, so Sig will be getting a call. But the two 8 rd mags and the other 6 rd were fine. Tough as nails to load at first but they broke in nicely. So here are the first impressions, from the both of us,

- Loved the size and feel
- Easy to acquire sights
- Recoil was amazing for being so small

- the only real con we both had, and it's not really one, was getting used to the DAO trigger. It's was smooth as butter and liked the reset, but it took some getting used to coming over from our Striker fired Ruger SR9c. But once we got used to it and adjusted for the difference we loved it.

So far it's a keeper, and after a hundred or so rounds it started settling in and hitting for the most part where we wanted. I'm sure it will take quite a few more rounds to get it fully broken in. Which is why we are headed out again this weekend or first thing next week. Thanks for all the help and advice so far guys.
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