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I want to get a revolver but most of my experiences deal with automatics.

I'm looking at several different revolvers from Taurus and on the specs page they mention this transfer bar system.

I have had some negative experiences with trigger systems in the past with some automatics that i have owned, and i wouldn't want to make the mistake of spending money on a good revolver if i dont like the way it fires or feels because of this trigger system.
OK, gotcha.

With regard to "feel", there really isn't anything to complain about.

I'm looking for pros and cons of the transfer bar system, is there anyone that dislikes it, and why?

I've heard several pros but no cons, and i wonder if there are any?
OK, here's one minor con, specific to the Taurus. I have not heard of this happening with other brands of transfer bar equpped revolvers.

With revolvers that use a transfer bar, firing pins are mounted in the frame. They have a little bitty return spring, to push them back into the retracted position when the trigger is released.

It's possible for the firing pin spring to be damaged by dry firing. Taurus specifically recommends against dry firing without snap caps. My old late 80s vintage Tauirus 66 mashed more than one firing pin spring into uselessness, before I traded it off.

I have not heard of this happening with other brands of transfer bar equpped revolvers, but I have heard of it happening with Taurui, and have had it happen to me.
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