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Which Progressive Press?

Which one do you like best and why? Also which would you recommend based on what I plan to do?

A little back story.............

I reload 9 different calibers (on progressive, I load more but prefer single stage for those.) and have at least 3-4 different powder charges/types that I use for each. So around 30 different powder charges in all.

I have a Lee Loadmaster and I just bought a Dillion 550.

I'm looking for a press that I can easily adjust the powder charge and that has a decent priming system. (The priming system on the Lee sucks so I've been priming by hand which is a pain in my @$$. Can't speak for the Dillion yet because I haven't set it up yet.)

I like the Lee due to the fact that I can easily change powder charges. Just wish the quality was better and had a better priming system.

The Dillion seems like it will be a pain to adjust the powder charge easily. I could always buy different hoppers and tool heads for different calibers but then that'd be 30 and I'm not that rich. And also it's not auto indexing.

I've been looking at the Hornady Lock N Load. (Not the $1,000 one but the base model without the case and bullet feed systems.) It seems to be easy to adjust powder throw and seems like a decent press. Plus I can add on the case and bullet feed systems later.

Any advice is appreciated but please keep in mind about the powder issue. Also please let me know how the priming system holds up.

Thanks in advance.

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