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The barrel is over 18" and the total length is over 26", it's just a plain old shotgun
Brian, I know you're back there and can check, but my old memory tells me that 40 years ago, when I lived in NY, it was 20" for shotguns and 18.5" for rifles (unless factory made shorter) barrel length. That was the state law. Now it may be that it was the law for hunting, not just for owning, I can't recall, anymore.

But I do remember that NYS law was not the same as the Fed law (18" for shotguns, 16" for rifles). Supposedly the NY 18.5" barrel length for rifles was why Remington carbines had 18.5" barrels, to be legal for deer in NY. Of course, that might have just been a story, too...

johnnyrocket, your gun is Fed legal, but NY has its own rules, and I don't think your gun will pass muster with them. I'm sure some NY resident will be along soon with a check of the current law. The fact that your barrel was cut down might just be the deal breaker for NY.

I remember from when I grew up in NY that you could own a Winchester Trapper (factory 16"barrel) and be legal, but if you had a rifle barrel shortened, the legal limit was 18.5" and I believe for shotguns, it was 20". No, it didn't make any sense 40 years ago, and if it is still the way it is in NY today, it still doesn't make sense, but its their law.
(and btw, if somebody has proof I am remembering this wrong, just ignore what I said, )
because I might be mistaken, its been a long day,and it was long ago....
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