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Brazilian 08/34 rifles were updated 1908 rifles shortened from the original 1908long configuration. Brazilian military used rifles in 7X57 right up until the armistice that ended the Grand Chaco War, the longest running war in modern history, in 1951. The USA championed the armistice in return for military assistance and diplomatic assistance. One of the things they offered was 30-06 ammunition and weapons left overfrom WW2. Many Brazilain, Argentine, Peruvian, and Bolivian weapons were rebarreled and rechambered to 30-06 in the 1950s as a result.

Rifles not deemed strong enough or not worth the cost to be converted were left in the original configuration. Rifles converted to 30-06 were marked with the designation "30" as in 30-54. Police rifles/carbines are easy to spot as they have no bayonet mounting hardware.
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