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I respect TIME...for one thing, only....

Back in the early 80s Time ran an editorial I actually had to respect.

They said that while a news magazine should remain impartial and above the issues there were some issues that were too important for that. And one of those issues was gun ownership in America. It was too important for them not to choose a side. And the side they chose was against gun ownership.

For being open and honest in that, I respect them. And ONLY for that. Not only did I stop buying or reading their magazine (other than the anti gun ariticles when needed for research), I made it a point when contacted on the phone about buying Time/Life Books or videos to tell them that I would enjoy their books/videos BUT would not buy them, because of their maganagement's stand on the gun control issue. I did my best for a couple decades to make sure they understood that they lost a sale, only because of the anti gun bias. Eventually, they stopped calling....
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