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Extremely Impressed with a Gun Store in my Area

Today I was driving along after a followup appt with my surgeon that is in a city a couple hours away. Stopped at a couple gun shops to try and find some ammo. One of them is probably the biggest gun shop for 300 miles around. None had any ammo reasonably priced for .223. The big one was selling American Eagle .223 for $19/20! The cheapest price there was $15 for some PMC X-TACs. Needless to say, I passed that offer up.

Next shop was a little family owned one that has a son running one under the same name in the town that my dad lives. We frequent the son's quite often and he has been quite low on ammo/high prices since Sandy Hook. But not his dad's. PMC Bronze for $8, the normal, pre-Sandy Hook price around my neck of the woods. Wolf for $7. The LGS where I live is selling loose pack wolf for $9/20. Needless to say, I picked up 400 rounds and picked up another 400 for my dad.

Tl;dr? Don't count out all LGS's, there are some good people out there still. You just have to find them.
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