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Trying to identify an old bolt action rifle

I have recently come into possession of an old bolt action rifle. It's 4'5" long, a single piece of wood along its length with a slot at the front to, I assume, hold a bayonet. The barrel has a side nub to receive a bayonet and right before the bolt is a fold up sight that clicks back down incrementally for ranges. It has mechanism underneath to receive a clip and there is space between it and the trigger guard. The guard projects back to hold the middle finger.

Identifying marks:
Bernardelli Vencenzo stamped at the end of the stock, very small.
Large on the stock above that in single letter stamps LT above 5114
On the side of the stock below the bolt is a very faint symbol that at first looked like an overlaid C and H in a circle appears to be a C and A surrounded by a circle that also has the corner of a D overlaying with it. the very bottom of the circle/D is missing; either by design or not stamped in due to the curve of the stock.
Between the breach and the rangefinder the barrel is octagonal and stamped on one plane is again the LT 5114
Below that are several very tiny stamps:
RG in an oval
a very tiny mark with a circle in it. it might be a D
a crown
an oval with a symbol best described as a present on its side, a cris crossed square with a bow to the right of it.

Sorry for no pictures, but I am curious about this rifle. Google is not very forthcoming with useful information.
Thanks for any help in identifying its age, story, the symbols, ect.
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