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I picked up a S&W model 629 a 3" - The Trail Boss...used a few yrs ago's an RSR gun - and its ported it makes it a little more controllable ( .44 mag ) .....

...but full power .44 mag in it, is a handful...and while I have big hands too - and a little arthritis its a beast, which I suspect you might have since you broke both hands...( and I'm 6'5" and 290 lbs ) I can hold it down and shoot it - but it wears out my hands....( I've broken a few fingers too ) ...

My 3" 629 is on the left in this photo...

The other 2 guns in this photo ...are a model 29-2 8 3/8" in Nickel ...and a 629 DX model, in 8 3/8" as well.../ you might consider a 4" or a 6" as well ...but I'd suggest you shoot some before you decide.
There are a lot of SA's out there...and used in .454 Casull ( Freedom Arms, etc ) that I see a lot at the gunshows...or .475 Linebaugh or even .500 Wyoming Express...but you want at least a 6" barrel in those calibers.

I have not fired one of the S&W XVR's in .460 S&W Mag...but yes, it will also shoot .454 Casull and .45 Colt ...if that's what you want....
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