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NYS sawed off shotgun laws?

I'm new to the forum. I now live in Florida and (unfortunately) will be moving to Tompkins County, NY this spring. NYS I know has tough gun laws.

My question is that I have a 6 shot (5+1) 12ga pump shotgun that has been sawed off to a 18.25" total barrel length with an overall length of 27". Will I have to register this shotgun in NYS and does the federal laws concerning sawed off shotguns apply to this state and or does any Tompkins County laws that would supersede the existing federal laws? The Federal law says this gun is LEADAL and does not fit into the SBS category.

I know this probably will require a lawyer to answer this but thought I would see if I might get someone who would know and be able to back it up with some legal statues references

Thanks for any info.

Johnny Rocket
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