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I think you misunderstood. I never said I thought the AK has recoil, it doesnt, or at least I dont think it does. Just that I remove the recoil pad that seems to be so prevalent on most rifles today, and replace them with butt plates. Just try ing to find a decent butt plate at all is a challenge, let alone finding a good checked steel butt plate. That, and the long LOP stocks that most "bench" shooters seem to want, are the worst thing to have one a gun you are likely to shot "realistically", or "reactively" with.

As far as scaring friends or new shooters, I dont, and the people that do, are, putting it nicely, truly an annoyance. I try my best to teach them to shoot realistically, from field positions, and not rely on the crutches so many seem to think they need to shoot with. Proper technique almost always trumps most of the add ons and/or crutches.
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