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The House is 2/3 republican. The chances of another AWB passing into law is ZERO, ZERO, ZERO.
Disagree. I think if second amendment supporters are passive the chance of significant gun control is better than 50/50. there is a boatload of money rolling into organized gun control organizations and efforts, some long standing some new. If your Republican congress member sees serious threats and no serious support for the second amendment community he may well cave. Many of those Republican congressman are in tight race districts.

The strategy will be an attempt to stigmatize gun ownership. There will be an avalanche on the ARs -- stigmatize then divide and conquer. (PA outdoor show attempt was a example of anti gun strategy that wont work in PA but will work elsewhere.)

a) You have to ask what is the harm in asking your friends and family to join the NRA. You may not agree with everything they say and how they say it but they are considered the meter for support and strong support of the NRA is needed.

b) You have to intelligently and succinctly write down a couple of sentences and write AND call your congressional offices. You can even call their local office and make an appointment to see the member of congress when they are in state. Bring a few friends and stay rational and focused. Simply zero in on these talking points:
-Gun control doesn't work
- gun control as proposed does nothing about violent criminals and targets law abiding citizens
- If the second amendment can be attacked, even under false premises of safety , then cannot the fourth fifth, sixth and eighth amendments be attacked and eroded because they make society more dangerous?
- tell them you will NOT vote for them if they not against the Bill of Rights.
- even more strongly -- tell them you will vote for them and work for their reelection if they oppose the gun control.

If they talk about Sandy Hook, simply say that urban crime harms and kills way more children, way more and MS. Fienstien does not seem to be advocating any effective measure to be tough on urban crime where the real consistent and continual damage is done to children

Leave all other politics out.
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