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Tread carefully with that word "absolutely", there are certainly things that prevent or hinder law abiding citizens from owning a firearm due to background checks. Identity theft, similar/same name as a felon, etc. Something that prevents or hinders...sounds awfully similar to restriction.
Certainly. Whenever you introduce a complication into a process errors result. I hate defects myself. There is a system for dealing with them too. Does the system result in an undue or impossible burden to overcome? No.

If this is so, being as how it says right on the 4473 that providing false information or buying for another person is punishable as a felony, right above the signature and date lines, why are there not "tens of thousands" of people prosecuted for attempting to buy a firearm? Seems to me that if a felon or other prohibited person puts down false info, signs the form and the check comes back denying him a firearm because he is a felon, that'd be a slam dunk case, right?
[and others]

While a good question that is not really the point of the discussion. I will say the government does not prosecute a whole bunch of crimes. I am still waiting to see prosecutions of border intrusions, fraud in relation to financial collapse, Fast and the Furious and a few other things that will never see the light of day just to provide some examples. I say if you want to see prosecutions happen contact your government. If you don't want prosecutions to happen then your argument is without merit.

Where we disagree is whether such a check should be mandatory for private citizens to use a background check for private transfers. I am of the opinion that it is the government's job to prove.....
There is some merit to the "no background check at all" argument. However that would presuppose that there were no prohibited people. If there are prohibited people there must be a way to distinguish them.
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