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manta49, for one thing, driving is considered a privilege here; gun ownership is a right. Those are very different. I realize this is outside your comprehension, despite our best efforts, but the difference is still valid even if you refuse to accept it.

For another thing, the felon who doesn't get a gun will get a knife, or a club, or an improvised garrotte. Rapists here frequently kill their victims by strangulation with their bare hands, or a phone cord, or the victim's bra or pantyhose, if they decide to kill the victim and depending on where the rape occurs.

Do you have suggestions for knife, club, rope, phone cord, or undergarment control because of what evil people might do?

Instead, we should put some of these people away for much longer periods. We have too many people serving mandatory sentences for stupid reasons, such as marijuana possession, while rapists and even killers get early releases in many cases.

That, plus a broken mental health care system, is the root cause. Legal access to firearms is not, in the vast majority of cases.

You should really read the David Mamet editorial on gun control, that just came out recently.
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