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Have you ever shot one? Dasn't has to be PURTY, to shoot wheres you aim it.
Didn't read far enough to see who the maker is, don't care. in the right hands these things point and shoot pretty darn good.

I prefer the old ASP(Armi San Paolo), or the Euroarms (Armi San Paolo was Euroarms, before the move to Bressica), Remy's which are not based on the 58 Remy NMA, but the earlier Remington - Beals Elliot's Transition to the NMA. A smaller frame. It fits my small hands almost as nice as a '51 Colt Navy does.

This particular model is taken from the 2nd of 3 Remington - Beals frames used in producing the Elliot's Transition to NMA Models. All were used in the last 6 months before the Remington NMA was introduced. The factory was busy instituting all the changes that the Army and Navy wanted and using all the parts on hand. The Original Remington - Beals frame was flat at the breech and is the 1st (original R-B Frame)type used. The second frame has just the barest of relief at the breech. The third frame is exactly like the Remington NMA, with the exception that it is still the smaller Remington - Beals frame. All three Models had the NMA type Hammer and Sail on the loading lever.

I will grant you this, the Remy is not as Purty as the Colt 1860 Army, but a helluva lot easier to reload, especially is you have extra cylinders ALA The Pale Rider Duel which was a Remy Conversion with a few extra cylinders. BP cylinders swap out just as quickly, but you do have to cap them.....for safety's sake.

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