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If I ran a large bank, such as those mentioned, the last people on earth I would lend money to is Chicago or Illinois. Neither of them can be trusted. Both are almost bankrupt, in the case of the state, they are bankrupt.

Nobody will lend them money, or sell them a product. IL is months behind on its bills. Chicago isn't in much better shape.

Ruger would be a good investment. They make products people actually desire, and a lot of them. Chicago, on the other hand, makes less and less with each passing year. Businesses move out regularly. People are leaving the state, more so than any other state.

The streets aren't safe in many neighborhoods, and the people aren't allowed to defend themselves. Meanwhile, the aldermen carry concealed weapons, the mayor has armed bodyguards, and the criminals run wild.

I'd rather lend money to Zimbabwe. At least the dictator running that place has a personality.
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