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In America, a person is only a criminal after they get convicted. If we pass universal background checks, those punks want a gun will just get their buddies with clean records to buy one for them.

Many people in FTF states already think they're breaking the law when they sell face to face. They're completely ignorant of the law, so changing wouldn't affect them as they would never know and carry on as usual.

I had a guy I worked with offer me a ruger SP101 one day. When I asked him why he wanted so much for it he said "because it's off the books", like he was being sneaky about it. I gave him a puzzled look because I live in Virginia and asked what books he was talking about. He was also offering it to another guy I work with, who was thinking about buying it for that ridiculous price. When I explained how there was no crime being committed and there is no gun registration in VA they were both dumbfounded. People like that are how these punks in the cities are getting guns.

PS Before the hall monitors get on me for not ratting on them as far as I know neither of those guys were felons or otherwise prevented from owning guns, just idiots

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