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Another failed hunt.

I failed in the sense that I have still yet to bag a rabbit. But at the end of my hike to find rabbit I was able to take this picture.


This is my third attempt at rabbit hunting and I got pretty close this time, I think its time to switch to a shotgun though. I took a shot at a hare that ran out from under my feet but it was to fast for me. I was using my Marlin XT-22 with scope at X2 power but I need more practice with moving shots. Overall it was a great trip and I got to see some amazing views and get stuck in a lot of heavy brush haha. Here are some other pictures from the trip.

Looks like a Moose was bedding down here. I saw a few of these but this one looked like it was from the previous night.

Blurry picture but this is what I was hacking through for a mile or two.

And this is how I let my worn out knees rest after a day in the mountains. Well worth it I would say.
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