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Enbloc Clips for Steyr Mannlicher M95

BoogieMan, good buy! I have two on hand, a 1918 Austrian M95 and a 1917 M95/34. They shoot like they mean it, but you gotta love them!

Don't pay premium price for the Enbloc Clips, for example two for $15 on eBay. If you are willing to spend $30 for a lot of 10, go to "e-sarco_dot_com".

Take a look from the HOME page on the left at PARTS & ACCESSORIES, then ACCESSORIES, then STRIPPER CLIPS. Look for STEYR '95 STRIPPER CLIPS.

When you buy them in qty from 3-9 they cost you $3.95 each, but any qty at 10 and above will save you $0.95 on each and every one of them.

I purchased 10 from them last month and once I saw what good condition they were in I fessed up and got 15 more. 25 clips = 125 rounds. You will get a mix of them, some have the Nazi eagle marking, others have a circled H, while other markings may come about too. Looks like they came off surplus ammo, may not have been used. Some have rust traces, but are relatively clean, like they've never hit the dirt. Well worth it.

I almost didn't want to tell anybody because I don't want e-sarco to sell these out, but the idea that a pair of these are selling for $15 on eBay just makes me mad. Buy them at e-sarco while they are available!!!
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