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I took my Utah out-of-state class from them, teacher was Scott Bretl.

Most of the class consisted of driving home the point that we could get in a world of trouble for drawing the gun under circumstances which did not warrant it, and he also did some scenarios with us to illustrate how easy it could be to misinterpret a situation as being life-threatening, especially when it was a stranger being "threatened".

He also went over different holster types and handgun safes, and answered any questions we had.

All in all, it was mostly a lot of common sense, it seemed overly simplistic but some of the people in that room really needed the point driven home.

Oh, and he gave us each a fingerprint card and all the paperwork for the Utah permit, and helped us all fill out the forms step-by-step right there in class and made sure nobody screwed anything up. I had no problems getting my Utah permit when I sent in the stuff.

So my report on JustCarry is positive. Got the job done!

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