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Mr. Whimsey

Of course people are not being crucified over reloads every day. You missed the point which was that there are many jurisdictions ( WV probably is not one thank God ) where incidents involving a self defense shooting are never as clear cut as you may think. You and I can set here and say ‘ it was self defense and justifiable ‘ but isn’t that up to the DA to decide most of the time and aren't DA’s political in nature and voted into office most places ? So which ever way the political wind is blowing an aggressive DA with an eye for office can play hell with the man who just rolled his own and did so hoping for maximum tissue damage for instance. You can do that with your hunting ammo where a we need good penetration and retained weight to break bone and score on vitals but you sure in the hell don’t tell that to a jury when they ask you why you used that bullet ?

My point is, and this is not just Ayoob’s who I mentioned only because most shooters have heard of him, that there is no percentage is using your own loads in a carry gun on the street or away from your home or business. That factory ammo will do the job and frankly will always fire if the gun is functional. With factory ammo you reduce the chances of a squib due to a reloading error. Yes Ayoob sells but so what, these forums are full of hand me down info from Keith, Jordan, Skelton and on and on. I really doubt Ayoob is getting a kick back from Federal for recommending you carry six or ten rounds of their ammo.

And I am not some guy who is new to loading. My room contains two Stars, two Hollywoods and three Lymans and dies for close to forty cartridges. I load and load for competition and hunting performance but mostly anymore for groups.

I don’t think we disagree on this really I am just the type who kind of falls on the conservative be careful side when it come to self defense and all the hype out their on the subject. I gotta tell you I grew up in Idaho and always heard you could shoot somebody if they tried to steal your stuff or if you shot em make sure you drag em back into the house. No doubt this probably still works for those lucky enough to live in WV or other rural areas but the populations are metropolitan and that is the biggest problem we gun owners have —the cities are writing the rules.

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