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I agree. Firearm education should be taught in schools. I wasn't debating anything about that. And I agree general public education is in order, but what we're trying to educate them on right now is vocabulary.Most people know what a semi-auto rifle is and how it's different from an auto.

The pro-gun counter to that is "Well, the AWB only bans cosmetic differences. I can get the same rifle without a pistol grip and be fine".

To which any anti with a little sense would say "You're right. The current wording of the law is toothless. Let's ban all semi-autos"

Same goes for the magazines argument

"Well it wouldn't have mattered if he had 3 30rd mags or 10 10rd mags, he'd have done the same damage. Changing mags isn't hard"

"If it's not hard then why do you fight so hard for them? Why do the military and the police use them if there's no tactical advantage to be had by their use?"

And despite the fact that they call it a clip, in their mind they are picturing a magazine. They know what it is even if they call it by the wrong name. Trying to convince them of that is a waste of time and makes us look like we're trying to drown their argument in semantics.

I'm not shooting these arguments just to be argumentative, I'm doing it because they're full of holes. Better those holes get shown here than in an actual debate.
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