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Use enough gun!....

One of the first rules of gunfighting is;
The .22LR is a poor choice for protection-concealed use. Research the work of Edwin Sanow & Evan Marshall. They were sworn LEOs & gun writers who reviewed 100s of court documented use of force incidents.
For a entry level handgun or caliber, start with a simple .38spl or .38spl +P. you can buy cheaper target/practice loads then upgrade to a more powerful factory round(Speer Gold Dot 135gr +P, Ranger T load, TAP, MagSafe SWAT, DPX, etc). Avoid using reloads or handloads for personal defense, factory rounds ONLY.
A Ruger LCR or SP101 in DA only format can handle .38spl or higher power .357magnum rounds. You could add a CT laser-aimer also for training.
If you really want a semi auto, get a SIG Sauer P229R DAK & buy the factory .22LR add-on kit. You could shoot 9x19mm or .40 rounds then convert it to .22LR. I would not suggest a striker fired pistol like a Kahr, Glock or XDm to a new gun owner. It's important to learn the basics first.
Keep your new weapon clean & learn the gun-use of force laws in your area.
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