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I use Hoppe's #9 for cleaning. It's more of a solvent. Rem Oil would be OK for lube. Sometimes I use a synthetic grease because of it's ability to work well in extreme temperatures. Sometimes I apply some 10W-40 motor oil with a Q-Tip.

As far as the recoil of the 8000 vs the 8045, the .45 has a more stout recoil. I think it always will no matter the pistol when compared to 9mm. As a matter of fact, if I take to the range my .45 Cougar and any other 9mm pistol, I always shoot the .45 first. Then when switching to 9mm, the 9mm always feels like shooting a .22. It's a noticeable difference. I don't mind the .45 recoil, it's just more powerful than a 9mm. If you're wavering between the two, I'd go with 9mm because it's cheaper and it's no sloutch for personal defense either.

Edited to add: I forgot that you already have the pistol. I lost track.

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