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Daggit: I would of definitey stopped after the first round if I did not see any impact after a low pressure shot with no eject and recoil to reassess the problem. That we are human to make mistakes though. It does not take me more than once to fix a problem.

Marco: I bought the powder from a co-worker who use to reload but stopped. I noticed it had been a while since it was production, but everything was still sealed up.

To all: I did make rounds with the correct weights.
100 yds / AR-15 / 1:9 / EO Tech sight
23.0 gn = 3/4" grouping
23.6 gn = 1" grouping
24.0 gn = 1/4" grouping
24.6 gn = 1/2" grouping
25.2 gn = 1" grouping

I didn't have a chronograph to get fps, but I will soon.

Thanks for all the comments. Look forward to conversing more and giving data.

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