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New to Reloading My Story So Far and OAL?

First off I want to say I have been looking threw some of threads here for awhile before I signed up and this seems to be a great place to find information from some really experienced people...Thanks....

I have been buying up reloading equipment for over a year doing alot of homework,,alot of reading and have spent alot of money and time doing so..But at this time I have not loaded the first round yet,,But I have learned alot about setting up my equipment/dies and how to trim,,deburr,,expand case mouths,,size,,seat bullets "dummy rounds",,Install primers...Pretty much alot of the case prep before the actual loading of live rounds..

So Far The Equipment I have is.
Hornady Lock N Load Progressive Press
Lock N Load Powder Measure
Hornady GS-1500 Powder Scale
Dial Caliper
Lyman Universal Case Trimmer
RCBS Case Lube kit
RCBS Primer Pocket Cleaner/Brush
Cabelas Deburr Tool
Lyman Magnum Bullet Puller

I have RCBS Die Sets For
303 British

Iam wanting to start with loading the 44mag which I bought some new Remington brass for and primed with Remington 2 1/2 large pistol primers and plan to use 180gr XTP for a Redhawk,,I cant decide between IMR-4227 or 2400 which Lyman recommends...The big problem that iam having is that Lyman recommends 1.610 OAL but I have some factory loads from Hornady loaded with the 180xtp and they measure 1.575Factory loaded Winchester 210gr Silvertips measure 1.585both shorter than the 1.610 that Lyman recommends..When loaded to the recommended 1.610 the brass is just to the edge of the cannelure...Lyman lists that OAL like it is the standard but comparing it to other factory loaded ammo its obvious that it isnt...What would be a safe minimum and maximum OAL for the 44mag??A length of 1.585 puts the crimp to about center of the cannelure on the 180 XTP,,That is the length I thought about loading.....I would appreciate any opinions on this and also on powder selection....Keep in mind that iam still learning and working my way into reloading slow and carefully...I also noticed the OAL that Lyman recommends for the 243win doesnt match my factory loads lengthThe 243 will be the next caliber that I start with...I will save the 243 for a future thread

Reloading supplies are out of stock at most places I have checked even online,,I cant find powder or a #1 Shell plate in stock,,,The prices on Ebay for shell plates for my press are way above normal some going for 3 times the original price
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