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Out of all I have tried so far in my Redhawk, with the single, or possible couple of loads I tried with them, I would have to give the nod to the Lee 452-255gr RFP's. I pour them myself and they are, and have been simply amazingly accurate.

Given a fair shake however I believe all the rest could probably easily compete IF I worked up the loads properly. I admit I have simply thrown together some loads simply to try the bullets out and see how they expanded or possibly how they shot using he same load as the 255's.

To be honest I really haven't found any of them from 200 up to the heavy 300's that I would call bad, all were shooting within 2" from a rest at 50yds or 2" or less off hand at 25.

I simply haven't sat down with them all and worked through a powder like I did with the 255's. They were the first ones I had on hand so I worked them up properly. I use HS-6 under them mostly, as well Unique, and AA-7 and 9. They all shoot well.
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