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May I suggest... that you buy a rifle that uses metal magazine feed lips. Black Dog Machine used to make plastic lips for it's 22lr mags. I wore a dozen of them out after approx. 50,000 rounds. Black Dog makes metal mag lips now... so does CMMG --- don't know about S&W. The mag plastic follower's, must be of good quality. I think Ruger makes the best magazines for the 10-22/SR-22 variety.

I have almost given up on my dedicated 22lr AR-15 uppers, due to constant misfeeds, stovepipes, and a few oob's {out of battery detonation} to boot. It might just be due to the worn out mags.

I do like my Ruger SR-22 rifle --- which is a souped-up tactical looking 10-22.
The scope receiver bolts and the bottom reciever bolt --- have to be properly lock tighted in; or you'll have constant POI shifts.

The front trigger guard button safety on the SR-22, is a bit slower than an AR-15 safety. It is of sufficient weight for offhand target shooting, hammer forged and free floated barrel.

I stripped one of the top reciever bolts on my SR-22 --- sent it back to Ruger --- and they gave me a brand new SR-22; in no time at all. I can only say good things about the Ruger Repair Department. The Ruger metal lipped mags are very dependable... and I especially like the 10 round tri-mag adapter.

Do not overuse the blue Loc-Tight on the scope reciever bolt's, or you'll freeze up the firing pin and bolt.

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