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Are they really being crucified - everywhere and all day long - over reloads?

I see this all the time on here, and am not trying to argue with you as this is your opinion. I will only add that Mas Ayoob is only one man and where his loyalties lie as a gunwriter are unknown to me. Who's to say that he doesn't receive a check in the mail from an ammunition manufacturer every time he writes about the dread horrors of NOT USING FACTORY AMMO (!!!!!)

A questionable shooting might dredge up foolishness like reload use... but if it's a justifiable shooting, how would it matter whether you used a .22 or an Abrams tank?

The other factor is region. Here in WV, people reload and I don't think anyone is getting crucified in court over it because it's common and familiar. OTOH if you live in a big Eastern metropolis, your jury pool is going to be different and more ignorant on gun-related matters.

Just my opinion and it's worth what you paid for it... but IMHO there is a lot of paranoia over extremely unlikely scenarious on the Internet. Maybe it's just me but I can't get my panties in a bunch over stuff like this anymore.

Life's too short to worry about what an opposing attorney might think of me. There's no law anywhere against it, so good luck if they try.
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