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I used an argument asking why we segregate the deaths of those by gun shot by those who die from a stabbing wound or being beaten to death. How is it more acceptable for those tragic losses of life by one tool when compared to another.

Ultimately we value life, both sides (most of the time) want to do something to better the world so that our children and their children are able to grow up in a safer world.

A death is a death, it matters not what instrument you use to commit the crime. I ask what makes that LEO or retired military member more valuable and have more of a right to defend themselves against the same criminals that would just as quickly end their lives in an attempt to escape being brought to justice than I have the right to defend myself my loved ones and my property from when those same criminals try to threaten me and mine?

Why am I not allowed to use one of the most common and effective instruments in our modern day society that our Militaries and police officers arm themselves with to enforce the laws that are being broken by said criminals who already would have no qualms about killing those who would enforce them without a moments hesitation due to a very apparent lack of respect to said laws and regulations.

I want to be able to ensure the safety of me and mine, and while I wish I did not have need to arm myself, and were able to entrust me and my families well being to those that are trained and employed to protect and secure my freedom, the fact is, there simply isn't enough of them to gurantee that I will be safe at all times. Thus, it is up to me, to provide that protection for me and mine until help from those noble men and women serving as LEO and soldiers are able to arrive and assist.
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