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I have been wanting a Sig P226MK25 for some time
The one I have on my list is getting closer to the top.

So, the MK25 has chrome lined barrel, extra tough finish, beefier rail...but,

Sig Sauer P226 MK25 SEALS, 9mm, Nitron, Night Sights, DA/SA

Does it not have the SRT trigger? I know this can be added, but just like to know because I do want it on my future gun. I am also going to add the g-10 grips, so I guess I could just get the Extreme, which has the g-10 grips and srt, but also has front cocking serrations and would not have the extra tough finish.
They should just list options like buying a car and you just pick what you want and they build it.

Anyway, at Topgun they are around 1k, but I thought a while back they were a few hundred less?
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