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.22LR For My 5 Year Old Daughter

Hello fellow gun enthusiasts! I usually spend all my time over at the handgun forums but I need some advice for a little .22 rifle for my little girl who is frustrated with the fact that I have to help her shoot the Golden Boy.

So I have been looking around at a Savage Rascal (seems very cheaply constructed), Crickett, Marlin 915Y (like very much), H&R Sportster Compact (break open action the way to go??) and a few others. I like the idea of a Ruger 10/22 compact (would be compatible with the mags for my Ruger), but do not want an auto-loading gun for her just yet. I think a bolt action is the way to go here.

First off, size. Is there a proper way to determine what length of gun she should be using? Is there a standard sizing approach based on her height, arm length, etc. The rascal seems very small at 31.5", the marlin 915Y seems like it may last a little longer at 33.25". What do I need to keep in mind here?

The other thing I am curious about is whether or not to get her a single shot, one with a magazine, or my initial preference of a tube loading repeater. I love the idea of having a knob that she has to pull back every time she chambers a round that I have seen on some bolt actions (not sure what the safety is called exactly). Would a single shot be tedious for her after a while? I would love to get her a Henry Youth lever action, but would really like an added safety mechanism. I just ran across the Mossberg 801 Plinkster Half-Pint. This is intriguing because it can be used as a single shot or with a magazine.

Also, I would like her to have the ability to remove a loaded round instead of having to fire it with ease. I am looking down on the Crickett for this reason. To unload a Cricket requires grabbing the "cocking piece" while pulling the trigger and then slowly lowering the cocking piece, like on a cocked hammer on a single action pistol. To much room for an accidental discharge here for my liking.

So I know this may start off a bit broad, but what are the factors I need to consider here and please give some suggestions on specific rifles that you would recommend and why. Thanks a bunch!
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