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I joked with my wife so the cashier could hear... "Do you think they can tell I just got out of prison?".
My fav is to say just after buying a new gun from the LGS is ( see I knew my parole officer was wrong , I CAN buy a gun ) It started when I was with a friend at the LGS . I was just finishing up with the guy behind the counter when my buddy came up and said ( they let you buy that ? I thought your PO said no guns ) He said it loud and 70% of the customers and most of the employees turned and looked at us . I just cracked up and have been saying something like that ever sense .
Tolerate- allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of something that one does not necessarily like or agree with , without interference.
If you have some time IMO this is worth a listen/watch but it takes a few minutes to really get going . or a picture of Mohamed
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