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johnwilliamson - yes, I'm sure the LGS would know but when I was there, they were so busy that I just gave up trying to get someone that i could talk with in regards to it and being able to look it over. They were in a display case and nothing was showing in regards to their specs that I could see. I did come home and look them up on Armscor's website - but as I said, their specs didn't even discuss the action. They do show their 4" barrel model as SA/DA and I was assuming they were built on the same frame and action but I just wanted to make sure before I drive the miles to take a look at them. Like every place else, all the gun shops are crowded and mighty hard to get someone to wait on you unless you want to stand in line a long time.

egor - thanks for the info - that's what I was looking for. I liked the parkerized finish - but as you say, it probably isn't like the old military finishes. I'm going to be up that way today so I'll stop in and see if I can take a gander at one and handle it.
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