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No, the planning would exist. The background check would have stopped it. The CT shooter, for example, failed the background check... was the incident prevented?
First I think the "failed a background check" is fictious or unproven at this point.

On the "planning" in order to prove such an incident had happened the person would have to essentially offer a fully confession or present evidence to the effect of his misdeeds. Otherwise we would have no way of knowing what he was thinking or planning. Again you are asking for something that is near impossible to prove and as a non-event we would likely not even know about.

This fictious evil person that you have created that would not be stopped by a background check does not represent the arguments or position of the OP reminds me of something. I am looking for the words....

Has the background check ever prevented an incident?
You failed to defined "incident". So I will go with yes. Every year it prevents tens of thousands of felons from getting firearms. So it avoids felons in possession. With recidivism rates being what they are I am in favor.

Has failure to have background checks ever allowed an incident that would likely have been stopped if checks were in place?
If I understand your question correctly than the answer is resoundingly yes. Every criminal that every got a gun illlegally did not have a background check and would likely have been denied if they had one. If your question is another of those unprovable "prove the crime didn't happen" that you posted eariler than there is no telling.

Is the existing system effective in stopping crime or preventing criminal access to firearms?
Stopping no. Reducing maybe? Can you prove it doesn't?
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