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I inadvertantly handed her my CWL card instead of my drivers license.

The woman went somewhat berserk and called their security,,,
He (at least 70 year old man) wanted to frisk me and search my briefcase.
That's hilarious Aarond. I would have milked it for all it's worth... but I'm just like that. Case in point... I have "check ID" on the back of my credit cards (both of them) rather than signing with my name. I was shopping with my wife a couple of weeks ago and the cashier asked to see my ID (which I actually like them to do, that's the whole point). I joked with my wife so the cashier could hear... "Do you think they can tell I just got out of prison?". Gosh, that really gets my wife's blood boiling, so I only do it once in a while...

I asked my doctor a couple of years ago to check my blood lead levels since I do a lot of reloading. He cooperated and didn't even raise an eyebrow.

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