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I find what Spats McGee said in post 11 most persuasive for no universal background check laws.

The one issue that no one has addressed yet, however, is what would you want in return for universal background check legislation, so that it is not just incrementalism. Personally, I would agree to universal background checks IF the following was also agreed to:

1. Repeal of the '89 import ban or '86 machinegun ban.
2. specific language in the law that basically says this is it - no more bans, restrictions on magazines, etc., without a super-majority vote in the House and Senate.
3. Backgrond checks only to cost $5.00 and can be charged to credit cards - results must be returned within 30 minutes. Everyone is required to track their own transactions - however, the verification information would only be used if the gun is ever traced to a crime.

I could say "OK" to something like that. But, I wouldn't agree to anything less. Those are just my personal thoughts.
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