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There seems to be a recurring theme among Reps and Senators who have a D for party affiliation that they support hunting, but support universal background checks, magazine capacity limits, and a renewed AWB.

I think we are going to see some serious party-line votes in the near future, with the exceptions of those who come from tightly contested districts.

Sorry if that is too political, mods, but the replies have followed a definite, and seemingly scripted, trend. (I would consider exceptions, such as Begich, to support the idea that in some areas gun control is a career killer. Alaska would be one such area.)


In Missouri, so far, Senator Roy Blunt and Congressman Sam Graves are on our side. Senator Claire McCaskill supports hunting, and the right of citizens to own "appropriate" weapons, but she wants to reinstate the AWB, limit magazine capacity, and close the "gunshow loophole." Governor Nixon favors a ban on all forms of semi-automatic firearms, but probably won't push that too hard as it would bite him in a big way.

Again, seems pretty straight party-line and scripted.

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