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Glenn E. Meyer
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The OP is quite behind the times, no offense. Many departments have gone to carbines over shotguns for numerous reasons.

An interesting side nuance is that some areas regard the AR has politically gun incorrect even for LEOs as they are militarizing the police with weapons of war!

That's seen in the antigun cities.

That lead to the development of Rugers' 9mm and 40SW carbines - since out of favor. There was a Remington pump 223 - the reason being cops knew shotguns and were incapable of learning AR usage (duh). But it was really to be PC. Same with the Beretta 9mm and other pistol caliber carbines. NOT an EBR.

But Hairplug Joe Biden says it is to hard to use an AR for most and a double shotgun is all you need. Oh, Secret Service - turn in your P-90s - it's for JOE!
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