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1. I would feel better about selling a gun to someone I have verified is not a criminal
Great, then conduct your private sales at an FFL voluntarily. Don't muddle the waters with further questionable federal involvement. Secondly, people already commit straw purchases for criminals to circumvent the system, why would this be any different? Now, are you so sure you're not actually selling to a criminal?

2. It would preserve the right of private sellers to conduct FTF transactions in state without an FFL
You sure about that? The easiest way to implement universal background checks would be to force private transactions to be done at an FFL, to utilize the system that already exists. Rather than spending additional money to alter the system to allow anyone to access it along with protecting privacy concerns. One of the recent EO's indicates the stronger possibility of implementation through FFLs rather than revamping the system.

3. It may keep gun shows alive and available for private persons to sell firearms at.
Welcoming more intrusion for something that "may" happen? This third "pro" is really an extension of #2, which relies heavily on assumptions.

I see a list of "I hope/wish" not explicit pros associated with implementing universal background checks. The explicit cons are certainly there, expansion of federal power under the guise of "interstate commerce", as Hal pointed out is the biggest for me.
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