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jimbob86 has nailed one of my real problems with the positions of some of the antis I've talked to. If they don't want to own guns, that's OK. I'm not interested in forcing guns into their hands or their homes. However, when their aversion to firearms results in an attempt to force me to give up my guns, we have a problem.

RockSmoot's comment regarding "group-think" is something I've noticed as well. The antis tend to think and talk in terms of "we have to do something." IMHO, that kind of thinking is what accompanies a heavy reliance on the central government to take care of various needs and wants. OTOH, I think gun owners tend to think in terms of "I have to do something." Anyone who CCs has made a decision, on some level, to be responsible for his or her own safety.

As for "selling the gun culture," there's a thread over on The High Road, which I can dig up if necessary, that contains an interesting suggestion. Someone suggested that gun owners make a series of "I am a gun owner" videos and post them to youtube. Not frothing-at-the-mouth "itsmahrahttoownguns" kind of videos, but maybe an introduction, a short (& safe) display of a couple of firearms, and then a couple of minutes at the range. It's intended to portray gun owners as normal, rational peoople. "My name is Spats McGee, and I am a gun owner."

ETA: The High Road thread: I'm _____, and I'm a Gun Owner" Commercials.
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