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The OP's question is about universal background checks.

Here is the whole enchilada as I see it.

Let your state pass it. That's cool, then I know I am not selling my gun to a prohibited possessor. But the State made the requirement and it's for everyone's benefit so the state can pay for it with our state taxes.

But remember, when the bad guys come to buy my gun and I say;
"Ok Dude, $350 is cool, let's go down to our local gun shop and run the background check".

And then the bad guy says" Ummmm. yea you know, the grip has a scratch, I don't think I can go more then $150".

You can not stop crimes with laws

So there is no sale. The next night my back door is busted in and this ******* has stolen my entire gun safe then forgive me if I regret my first reaction to this completely moronic idea.
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