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Old-Dogs learning new tricks

4V50 Gary CO2 is the way to go.
For the most, I am Old-School and if you have been at this long enough, you will have your share of Dry-Balls. Boy, that doesn't read well. Anyway, I always took some satisfasction in pulling all projectiles with the good old screw jag. Years ago, I bought a TC Co2 pusher but still didn't use it. Then I was faced with a stuck range-rod. There was a dry patch on the end and two of us, could not pull it out. We soaked the bore with good ol #13 and an hour later, we pushed it out with the Co2 pusher and what a breeze it was. I will still pull a dry-ball to prove a point but mostly go to the pusher. I also use the pusher to initially clear a vent as oppose to popping a cap. .....

Be Safe !!!
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